Hey there! Welcome to Healthy with Science! 

My name is Michelle Mendonca and I am here to help you be healthy and happy. You probably have a couple questions right now about how can I help you get to where you need to be. Well, lets start with my background. 

I have a PhD in biochemistry. During my studies, I have taken courses ranging from general health and metabolism to nutrition and done laboratory research on diseases caused by bacteria. I will not pretend to be an MD who can prescribe you medication. Instead, I will refer you to sound research that has been reviewed by experts and make suggestions to help you. In the mean time, I welcome any questions you might have about health and disease and send you responses on my findings. 

Your health is important. Period. There are so many opinions on what makes us healthy and happy that it can be confusing. I confess to making mistakes myself along my journey based on diets and trends. But no more! Don’t fall into the same trap. If you have questions, email me at michelle@healthywithscience.com and I will be happy to help. 

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